Thursday, July 07, 2005

To the Brits:

You know we have our differences, I didn't like the demonstrations against Bush when he was there. Those people don't like his approach to battling the very people that did this today. So be it, that's what free people do.

I can only speak for myself as an American but growing up I had British friends and British teachers for a while. And Canadians as well. We all hung out together and made friendly barbs to our nationalities like limey, cowboy, canucks that sort of thing. No offense was ever taken. If we got into some kind of situation we stood together because we were all bonded by a common heritage. Only the accents seemed to differentiate us but culturally we blended quite easily.

So I feel as angry about this as I did when the US was attacked. I hope too that the western world will wake up to this threat against us. It is like a rabid dog. You can't reason with it, you can't hope that if you appease it then it will not attack you. You must realize its nature and destroy it or be destroyed by it.

Unfortunately I believe it will take a similar scene in Los Angeles, Seattle, Paris or Berlin until those defenders of these terrorist militants come to understand the nature of this beast.

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