Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Expect More of This

Guardian Unlimited:
Islamophobia blamed for attack

Expect more of this. Two can play this game. Doesn't Islam promote Christianphobia or Judeophobia? ( if there are such words but if not then I'm sure I have conveyed my meaning) This is a can of worms opened by the jihadist and supported by the silence of moderate muslims against the extremism in their faith.

I think the result of Islam forcing itself upon on the West will result in the rise of nationalistic movements in the countries affected. Skinheads, Klan, Neo-Nazi type groups.

The Islamists think they have nothing to lose. The West has it's economy and high standard of living as a prime target. Since they are incapable, because they are too busy killing each other, of rising to the West's social and technological achievements they attempt to bring us down to their level. And they attack us at those points using our own sword - technology.

However, they do have something to lose, Mecca and Medina. I would not be surprised to see, after another major attack, a right-wing extremist type entity attempt a retaliatory attack on either city. One thing about a free society is we too can generate some really tweaked, highly motivated, individuals and groups that are as capable and as well financed as any terrorist group seeking nukes on the black market. There will come a point when the West says 'Enough'.

So the thing Muslims need to do is speak up against terrorism and be seen speaking up against terrorists. Until then people like the kids in the article will see Muslims as silent collaborators.

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