Friday, July 29, 2005


I first saw the headline: "Million signatures claimed for Iraq troop pullout petition" and thought 'too bad, 62 million signatures last November said we stay the course.'

Read the article and it's that international man of misery Muqtada al-Sadr, again.

Here's my take on it. He's heard about recent headlines, I assume 'heard' because I'd lay odds he can't read, that the Coalition forces are about ready to turn it over to the Republic of Iraq next year. They want us gone, we want to be gone and need to be gone.

Al-Sadr will go rabid about the time the first troops begin to leave or indication that it's a done deal for an ordered withdrawal. I would give him credit that in all the glory of his illiteracy he understands the western media better than the western media. He's played them before and they went for it and he's counting on them for his little power move.

Once it is politically impossible for the Defense Dept. to stop the withdrawal he will strike in order to create the impression that he drove the infidel occupiers from the land. Like a little dog chasing a truck down the road and returning with its tail waging high as if it had really accomplished something.

That is if Sistani's crew doesn't get him first.

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