Saturday, April 17, 2010

Gone Galt - Screw This !

For those that do not understand the rage against the government:

1) I am 'Caucasian'. Strike 1
2) I am male. Strike 2
3) I have been taught that if you work hard you will prosper.
4) I was taught that a college education will increase your earnings.
5) I was taught to be a responsible citizen.

I have lived my life to those last three principles. Haven't always succeeded but on the whole have striven to adhere to that life path.

So let's put the numbers to the results of living that way.

It is true that a college education increases your earnings. But it also increases your tax liability

I have worked hard and done without to get both an education and start my own business through hard work. But a politically correct world that is more interested in not hurting some emotionally weak person's feelings rather than a 'can do' attitude then efficient, cost-reducing hard work cannot me maximized.

1) I earned about 60K last year working out of my house under very stressful conditions: dealing with complete friggin idiots. The higher you go in a public structure the more idiotic they get.

2) After deductions and entitlement taxes I ended up with a taxable income of 38K

3) Out of that I owe 13K in taxes leaving me 25K for bills that run about 24K a year.

4) That leaves me $1K of 'fun' money to eat out, go to a movie, buy household items etc.

But reflecting on it had I laid around on my ass screwing until impregnating some women for these last nine years, producing a child each year, for a total of nine children then have you pay for their education, health and dental, perhaps incarcerate, feed and clothe for me I would now be getting 5700*9= $ 51,300 money back in tax credits for living expenses next year. Nor would I have had to sell any of my time earning a living.

I guess I am just stupid thinking all those things I was taught are true. They seem to be, my living standard has been good but in the end it was not the most profitable path.

Strike 3 I'm outta here. Game over. This rat ain't racing no more.

So I am going semi-Galt and pulling out of this BS. Not even going to look for another job in the tech industry. Why sell what time I have left working hard to try and build future security for myself?

So I am going to say to hell with this madness and get a job a menial job at night where I deal with as few people as possible, making enough to pay my bills, paying the least amount of taxes possible and achieve my goal of being left the hell alone and hoping to do my part to starve this vulgar monster, send this Democrat version of 'America' straight to hell from whence it came. Enough.

I am just going to be a happy idiot. And should I get ill in my old age, I am simply going to rob a bank, go to federal prison and make the public pay for it since they don't seem to have any kind of a problem supporting the dregs of society.

That's how the game is played and I regret it took me 55 years to get a clue.


nanc said...

Now you're catching on...

IOpian said...

I am mad as hell and I shall have my vengeance even if symbolic.