Saturday, April 10, 2010

Alien Life Among Us

I've always held to the notion that life in the universe is the rule and not the exception. We really have no choice but to look for life similar to our own; carbon based requiring water and oxygen or carbon dioxide for respiration and energy production. But we are continually finding life forms thriving in temperatures we don't expect and thriving on chemistry that is not carbon based. Drudge has a link to an article where a live form doesn't need oxygen.

I truly think that one day life will be found all over the universe. If you think about it the Earth is so old that through subduction and vulcanism the Earth has turned itself inside out a couple of times. It is possible that civilizations have developed and declined leaving no trace they ever existed.

Many look outward for signs of alien life but there is also some rather bizarre life forms right here in our midst. This is a page with some rather odd living things: The MicroAngelo Image Gallery.


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