Monday, April 05, 2010

Deceptive Wording

As the midterms approach the next major issue will arise; Immigration Reform. I am certain the political pundits on the Left hope this will distract from the effort to fire up support for those wanting this health care ( insurance ) legislation repealed. The Left will generalize those opposing the attempt to add 30 million Democrats as another example of the racists of the Tea Party Movement. They do this by obfuscation of terms. Briefly let me point this out in this manner:

Conservative Immigration Reform: We cannot afford another 30 million people at the stroke of a pen, in particular those who have thumb their noses at our laws. Conservative immigration reform is simply to enforce the laws currently on the books and not reward those who have broken it and butted into the front of the line of those seeking citizenship through the proper channels.

Democrat Immigration Reform: In actuality it should be termed Illegal Immigration Reform. They couldn't care less about the people. They want the voters.

The only immigration reform we need is to address the anchor-baby problem.

But watch as pundits like Geraldo get dramatic about 'immigrants' when he means 'illegal immigrants'.

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