Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Paper Wealth?

I was just sitting here, when I should be working, making comments on my favorite blogs and listening to Fox News Talk ( Beck ) and he played a tape of Obumble. I've heard this airy pronouncement from Obumble that we need to smooth out the economy for the long term so we don't have all of these bubbles and bursts. We need to transition from paper wealth to real wealth.

This is without a doubt unbelievable ignorant for someone who can have so much effect on an economy. It's quite clear that Carter, Clinton, Obumbles, Pelosi, Reid, Frank or Dodd did not see the mortgage bust coming. All my wealth is just paper. My mortgage, just paper, the check I pay them with, just paper. The money in my account I draw against, just paper and one fire that is gone.

What an idiot !! Hell he can't even organize a cabinet. Have you seen the condition of the things he's organized ? God, please intervene or give us the courage to risk it all, to say enough is enough and fight back furiously now while it can be nipped in the bud.

Conservative must take back the Senate in midterms. It is the most doable and effective thing to slow this down until we can get someone worthy of the job into the Presidency.

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