Thursday, March 12, 2009

Employee Free Choice (?) Act

Over at Michael Ramirez explains the Employee Free Choice Act and its open ballot called Card Check. How long before these Dems try to 'improve' our country by doing the same thing with our voting booths?

Calling this 'Free Choice' is like perfuming a skunk. Likewise, be very afraid anytime these Orwellian facists use the term 'Reinvestment' in the title of legislation.. be very afraid.


nanc said...

i don't fully understand this.

however, i do understand that kim jong illness received 100% of the vote in enkay and they can prove it!


IOpian said...

It is amazing what a little 'peer' pressure can achieve. I understood Saddam Hussein was very good a 'Free Choice' voting. Also Jimmy Carter has become an international expert at validating 'Free Choice' elections.

What really irks me is the Orwellian packaging they present this with. I am most disturbed in the fact that it works on many people.

But in a nutshell Democrats couldn't care less about freedom or the little guy. They are mere thugs like their union supporters. They just want the union vote. And they will lie through their while smiling to get it.

This is why Rush is such a threat. He is like a Dem BS interpreter.

nanc said...

he definitely has demdar! you and i have it too!

have you seen this?