Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Persuasion Through Visualization

Sitting here staring at large chunks of data I am moving, got bored, fired up NPR XM. Needed something to exercise my heart and mind.

I happened to catch Talk of the Nation with Lynn Neary. The issue today was about lifting the ban on photos of soldier's coffins being loaded off planes at Dover AFB. Most of the show was about the sacrifice made and the grief of the families. Indeed all true.

But the liberal mind always lays a base of sympathy to build their rationalizations upon. The liberal 'feels' the logical 'thinks'. Being this was NPR I already knew what conclusion was being prepared. But first a few calls are taken to reinforce the prepared conclusion.

The first caller is the one that was the catalyst for this post. He sounded young and was from a military family. He made the point that we should see the cost of war. If we saw the dead children ans the destruction it would give us pause before we engaged and any further waste of life.

Second caller was an older veteran that made the same point. If we actually had to see the carnage then nobody should ever start anymore useless wars. Then the guest conclusion: War is bad, people get hurt, love ones are lost and that is why we should never get involved in another useless war.

It was this widely used argument, that war is bad and we shouldn't do it because of the carnage and grief, that I actually begin thinking they were right. In fact this was such a good idea that we might entertain the idea of using the rationalization in other areas.

So let's start seeing the bullet-ridden body's of young gang bangers to remind us that dysfunctional families are bad and harm people. How about the coffins of Americans kidnapped by Mexican drug gangs and killed to remind us that the responsibility of government is to protect its citizens. Maybe we could see the photos of elderly murder victims, abused children's bodies or a death row inmate's victims to rememeber why some people cannot be changed and that's why we have a death penalty. I mean these liberals want the truth don't they?

I have actually used this in college to silence many a foe. I would lure people into an argument about abortion and endure the same old patent arguments until they had played all of their cards. Then I would remove my picture of the 'Baby in a Bucket' and throw it on the table. "You mean you support people that choose to do that". The most common reply, other than stunned silence, would be a long series of stuttering but... but. Then there are the ones that attack back saying that is propaganda.

Amazing how the liberal mind sees reality as propaganda and propaganda as reality.


nanc said...

you've put the nail in the coffin here, so to speak, iopian. excellent points.

i read an article on the study of the differences between leftists and conservatives this morning linked at powerline. so easy for them to do the touchy-feely when it's something THEY feel is a good idea, but lambaste them with a fact and you're the bully.

IOpian said...

I have a really long draft saved about the differences between the liberal and conservative mind. I'm sure you run into these situations where you have this bi idea but can never get it just right or concise enough to post. If to long nobody will read it. But that post down there about Two Wiring Schemes encompasses the concept. We are just wired differently.

Liberals 'feel' conservatives 'think'. I have noticed this in my life. Was listening to John Gibson and caller who was gay called in. The guy admitted he was liberal and gay and he and Gibson had a very reasoned discussion. Then Gibson asked him something and the guy prefaced his response.. "Well I just FEEL that". I thought to myself that there is his problem, he isn't thinking this thing through but dwelling on his first impression.

This is why many liberal policies end up disasters because of unintended consequences. I believe Carter's CRC is an very good example. Seemed like a god idea at the time.

nanc said...

i asked a gay poster at the retort why she always "thought" this or that and did she actually "believe" anything - she became very disturbed and so did some other liberal-type posters. i'm not sure if one can reason very well if they believe in nothing.

IOpian said...

Did you catch that Michelle Malkin piece about her interview with Patty Murray from WA. Malkin asked her about the payroll tax and Murray just sat there with a blank look on her face, common among many a liberal.

nanc said...

they must be awaiting "the feeling" that has to come over them before responding - that, or they drank the bong water!

check out my newest post at curtains if you would. coming to a neighborhood near you...