Friday, February 13, 2009

Crazy Idea? Really ?

Since we are in crazy mode passing legislation we'll be paying on for generations without having even read what is in the bill here is an alternative that is far more reasonable in comparison. What if they had taken this money and simply paid off every mortgage under $100,000?

It wouldn't help everyone but if the policy is to grow from the bottom up this would be a good start. The money would end up in the lenders accounts anyway but would have eliminated personal debt of the most vulnerable in the process. With mortgage debt relieved on many 'working families' that money would become disposable income to be put back in to the economy and would have relieved pressure on two of the most problematic areas of the economy.

Yes that may have been a crazy idea two months ago but it is far more realistic now that we have fallen off into the 'Idiot Zone'.

Why do we even bother with having a Congress? The House is told how to vote and we have a Senate that won't deliberate. Neither house even reads what they are voting on. Wonder if they buy a house they've never seen, marry someone they never met or eat something they haven't seen. There are no arguments about voting their conscience that will pass the laugh test.

I am way beyond pissed. I don't think there are words. These three Republican Senators need to be crucified by their constituents and party. They should receive no support whatsoever from the national party if they are tone deaf enough to run again.

We are now officially an Idiocracy. The lead idiot skipped out of town on her publically financed trip to Rome... and she dares bitch about a private corporate jet.

Arrrrgghghghghghghh Ahhhhhhhhhh..... Grrrrrrrr....... &$^%* power hungry *$^#&^# half wit f^$&#%#& arrogant dumbasses.


nanc said...

pottymouth!!! (*^#*(@#&^@^ *8[

happy hope your aorta's in good health day!

IOpian said...

yep I read your Valentine post, it strengthened me :-)...hope you and nancpop had a great day.

Kelly said...

I feel the pain...

nanc said...

i got sick, but it was a good day all in all. i-i-i'll be okay.