Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Getting Dow Down With Democrats

Herald Tribune: Dow nears 10-year low

So... it hasn't been this low since the Clinton Administration? Or in other words it was never this low during Bush's two terms.

This brings to mind another observation. If Bush was a miserable failure then what are the custodians of the economies before and after Bush with worse economic health indicators?


nanc said...

lefties are complaining about there being no new wealth created since 2001, so i left this comment for them:

"so, if no wealth was created since 2001 then no wealth not created since then has not been lost? it was wealth created before 2001 that has been lost - clinton's fault."


IOpian said...

* SMACK * ..... uh well,, yeah but... ahhh... we didn't think about that... If 'the obvious' we're a poisonous viper they'd have all been dead long ago.