Saturday, February 28, 2009

Cowardly Conservatism

There was a trend at CPAC.. blame Bush for spending. Gingrich even calls it the Bush/Obama spending. I didn't realize Bush was a king and could spend without Congress first appropriating. Maybe I better go over the Constitution again.

It wasn't Bush's single-handed spending that lost Congress in the 2006 mid-terms. I know my thinking at the time was that with the way the Republicans are spending what is the point of even having two parties? Many of the people bashing Bush were in that Congress. Sleazy bastges. They all played a part in the 2006 fiasco.

As an Conservative Independent I want to vote for a viable third party or for conservative candidtes that have a set of cajones unlike those at CPAC. I am fed up with these contemptuous populists whose stance depends on the most recent polls. These politicians are not leaders but timid followers that follow the money hoping to not harm their electoral chances by rocking the boat.

A moderate third party needs to come into being to break the party apparatus in Congress. This is the time and this is the place. Or as Reagan said: "If not now, then when?" when faced with the unsavory choice of first having to cause harm to the economy in order to free it from the oppression of inflation. Conservative need that kind of leadership.

My suggestion is to take a good look at either of my two Senators, who are renown for bucking the 'good ol boy' system and have the interest of the people in mind: Tom Colburn or Jim Inhofe. Conservatives need to get to a point where Colburn and Inhofe aren't mavericks but typical conservative politicians. Right now all they have are the McCain 'can't we just get along' half-hearted compromising mavericks.

We should always keep in mind that three Republicans brought this fiasco on us. They could have at least forced debate and revision on this stimulus package. It is apparent by the confidence of the stock market that it did not achieve its urgent need for passage . They could have bought time for Congress to at least read it. They fell for the rhetoric of this snake-oil salesman. This is unforgivable and unforgetable. Maybe the tent doesn't need to be so big that it accepts these type of people.

Republicans need to find a leader. It isn't Romney, McCain or Jindal. Palin has the moxy but she just doesn't elude the wisdom of a Fred Thompson. Actually it needs a 50 year-old Fred Thompson. Someone you can tell isn't just reading cue cards spouting the party line like the democrats but someone you can tell is not playing you. Someone that is actually expressing their own thoughts.

I think the people will express their revulsion in 2010 and the Republicans could regain the Senate which is the real power of government. Maybe a leader will emerge in that process but it isn't looking good.

Update: I wrote this before seeing Rush @ CPAC.

That's what a candidate needs to do. Go right at the throat of the Democrats. And use the word 'democrat' often. Unhinge them.


nanc said...

i'm ashamed to say i don't really like people all that much lately.

IOpian said...

Welcome to the club. It is the herd mentality I can't stand.

Those trolls over at V's are idiots. Their heads would explode if an original thought ever fired through their neurons.

nanc said...

they only know what they're told to know. everything else is a lie. if that's repeated to them enough it becomes their "reality".

God help u.s., iopian.