Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Judgement ?

The bottle of snake oil Obama is selling is that his brand of 'I told you so' over Iraq is another indication of his superior judgement; as so ably demonstrated with his association with the Right Revrund Wright. I got curious and googled his 2002 Anti-Iraq Liberation speech. It's boilerplate Leftist theology, wrong war, Saddam was not an imminent threat, doing it for oil... etc. As a speech per se I'd give it thumbs up but it would get low marks on logical content.
I'd love to fisk it but that's not what I want to point out. That point is if we hadn't taken Saddam out where would we be ? There was a good chance sanctions would have been lifted. According to Saddam's American interpreter he had every intent to ramp up his weapons program once they were lifted. How much capital would he have with the current price of oil.
It seems likely to me that here, five years later, there would be a nuclear arms race between Iraq and Iran. We know Saddam would have no issue with using them on Iran. Instead of talking about thousands of dead we'd be talking millions.
... Then maybe he was onto something. Let them nuke each other out of existence.


Phelonius said...

Well, earlier I had proposed turning Baghdad in to a glass parking lot for a Disney World Park.....

IOpian said...

It would have made a hell of a statement and got the rebel-rousers' attention. Don't mess with us. If you choose to then bring your best game because we're going to bring ours.