Monday, April 10, 2006

Semantic Blurring

Here's a few observations on this 'immigration' issue. The proponents of illegal immigration disguise the truth by making this an all encompassing immigrant issue. Afterall, every American should be for immigration because that's what America is all about and how most of us got here. But what the proponents of illegal immigration want to do is blur the line between the two. So when you see on televison or hear about all of these immigration demonstrations they are really pro-illegal immigration demonstrations. What else can they mean by 'open borders? Our borders are aleady open to anyone wanting to leaglly come here. They are advocating violation of our law... to be above the law. Then when this intellectaul dishonesty is exposed they pull out the race card because they simply do not have a logical leg to stand on.

They want to paint this issue with the broad brush of general immigration but what we are really talking about here is Mexicans. They want to mask the ugly reality of a failed social system unable to provide adequate opportunities to its people and forcing them to do whatever it takes to feed their families. . Some of them actually advocate imposing the same failed system in the society they had to flee to. There is no reason a nation like Mexico should find itself in this position with natural resources like oil, industries like tourism and obviously a people that have no aversion to hard work. The only thing that can account for this is a government rotten to the core.

I have no problem at all with the Spanish culture, Mexicans or immigrants. This is the America I grew up in. I think we should welcome them into our country either to immigrate or simply to work. But it's like letting a friend stay at your house while they get back on their feet. They are welcome in the house to come and go as they will but you wish they would please quit crawling through the bathroom window and simply come through the front door like everybody else.

Back to the demonstrations. I've seen a lot of the posters these people were carrying and they are wrought with historical ignorance. So let's set the first thing straight. Last time I checked Spain was part of Europe thereby making people of Spanish descent... EUROPEANS !!!!

When I see this I realize we are not dealing with the sharpest knives in the drawer:

Here's what I think we need to do:

1. Begin a movement to redefine citizenship where the simple act of dropping a bambino onto US soil is not an automatic lottery winning. At least one parent needs to be a US citizen or a real immigrant, documented, employed, assimilating and learning English.

2. Threaten incumbents that are swayed by the illegal masses into doing what they were sent to Congress to do.. the will of the People, the taxpayers, the voters. Any politician that supports the illegal immigration policy is saying 'We are a country of laws... except in the case of illegal Mexicans'. They are above and beyond the law. So if they don't have to obey the law why do I?

3. Build the wall. Piss on the bleedy heart 'oh what would that say about our country?' half-wits with their heads in the sand. I'll tell you what it will say 'we're fed up with this and if you don't like it too bad'. We're the one's footing the bill. We are at war against an enemy that will keep coming at us for generations. It is unconscionable that politicians are not serious about manning our borders. I'm a big Bush fan but I can tell you if we are attacked from entry across our southern border by muslims or their South American proxies impeachment won't be near enough. It would be criminal negligence.

4. Fine the hell out of employers hiring illegal aliens without work visas.

5. Boycott businesses that hire illegals.

6. Provide those people, already here where their children are natural born citizens, with a way to assimilate in a reasonable period of time. If they don't then they are out of here. Let their kids drive down to visit them.

7. The absolute certain way to stop any behavior is tax it to death. Since I have to pay for those people that don't bother to get car insurance, health insursance why shouldn't illegals have to pay excessive taxes to offset the burden the create on our health and welfare system?

8. Giving amnesty to illegals is huge kick in the face to those legal immigrants that are doing it the legal way. The 'We are a nation of laws' way. It just isn't right.

But none of those things will happen. We are a society conditioned to conflict avoidance thereby inviting more conflict. Now we have 11 million foreigners in our country with an armed milita of 13,000 MS-13 gang members at the ready for an uprising. I think the lack of testicular fortitude and self-centered ambition in our politicians will eventually result in a blood-letting in one form or another.

I think inaction on the part of our government will bring about a rise in right-wing extremists or leftist union thuggery against these people to make them so threatend they leave on their own.

Of course the ultimate solution is instead of having them come to America we simply bring America to them and annex or occupy the northern provinces of Mexico to build a buffer zone similar to what the Warsaw Pact nations were to Russia. We've done it before over the same sort of issue. This time we don't give it back to them. Why not? It's apparent that the government of Mexico is a miserable failure incapable of or completely indifferent in providing opportunity to these people.

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