Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Wrong About Rights

lgf: CAIR at UPenn: "The Right to Free Speech is Not Absolute"

In a nutshell so that even the half-wits at CAIR can understand; the right to free speech is EXPLICITLY granted in the UNITED STATES CONSTITUTION !!!!
Yes there is a limit insofar as it doesn't actually do harm to others.

THE RIGHT TO NOT BE OFFENDED DOES NOT EXIST !!! Being offended does not harm a person to the degree that others should be denied the right to freely criticize another's religion or the ill-formed tenets of that religion. CAIR and the Koran have no problem doing so to the Jews and Christians.

If you don't like it then emigrate to an Islamic paradise of your choice. We don't need you here and many of us don't want you here. Might I suggest Iran or Iraq. In this country you are free to do so.

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