Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Dubai Deal

Well, as I see about the blogoshpere there is diverse opinion about the Dubai Ports World deal. I am as baffled about Bush's insistence on this as I am about his total neglect of our borders security all while constantly reminding us of the danger to our country by an enemy that simply hates us and will go to great extents to kill us. Today the President floated 'veto' among the press and I am wondering why is he so insistent on this.

I don't buy the President's selling point that we are discriminating against Arabs by opposing this sale. That's the front story. I think it may be something more strategic... The Straits of Hormuz.

Pull up Google Earth and roll over to the Persian Gulf. I took one measurement from Dubai to the Iranian coast... 88 miles. The distance is even less if you go into northern Dubai. Unlike Iraq, when the front opens up on Iran we will lose ships to silkworm and exocet missiles. The tanker wars of the 80's serve as a reminder. What would be more of an Iranian propoganda motherload than images beamed worldwide of a US ship sinking in the Persian Gulf ?

Using land-based aircraft we could fly more sorties per day without refueling issues and keep our carriers at a safe striking distance. If the same permission is being sought from Qatar and Kuwait then we could relentlessly attack Bushehr ( 180 miles as the falcon flies, from Kuwait ).

So what if the administration is prepping the playing field but dodging landmines in getting cooperation from one muslim state to assist in the attack on another. Then comes this business deal and we find we've been leveraged by our global strategy necessites into a rather undesirable deal, at least in its appearance.

Or is it something along the lines of Lenin's "The Capitalists will sell us the rope with which we will hang them."

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