Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Islamaphobic ?

Reuters: Arabs see phobia behind US uproar over ports deal

Why would we have a reason to fear the beliefs of muslims ?

And you can attempt to excuse this logic by saying I can't judge a whole religion by the actions of a few twisted individuals that have 'hijacked' a great religion. It was not a few I saw cheering on 9/11; not a few that I see rioting and threatening executions over cartoons or chanting death slogans in mobs throughout the Islamic world.

I judge the religion by the immigrants that are compelled to leave the cesspools of their origins to go to a host country and attempt to whine and extort their way into establishing the same failed system in their new country.

I judge the religion by the fact that I doubt that God is so stupid as to be fooled by the sincerity of somebody compelled by bodily injury to adhere to a faith.

I strongly suspect that God is only interested in what is in a person's heart.

I also wonder how stupid someone has to be to believe that a God that dwells in spirit will reward them with carnal pleasures as a reward for killing something God created and somehow can't just snap the fingers and say 'be dead'. After all, isn't that what the Koran teaches ? Allah merely needs to say something is and it is so ?

So why does God need you to do the killing?

Am I Islamaphobic?..... no... I'm a realist.

Islam is as Islamist do and I see what they do and I hear what they are saying.


Lone Ranger said...

Everywhere in the world where you see a large population of Muslims interacting with ANY other culture, you see bloodshed. The only reason we haven't reached that point in the United States is their numbers aren't large enough yet. The goal of Islam is nothing less than world domination. And if they win, we will experience another Dark Age that will never end.

IOpian said...

Lone Ranger,
Thanks for coming by.

Exactly. It's like rust, a little at a time until it becomes so embedded in the host material that it undermines its integrity. I think this may be the greater danger than overt attack.

And this 'cultural rust' feeds off the oxygen of political correctness. We wouldn't want to offend anybody's sensitivities would we?