Friday, October 28, 2005

Most Corrupt Administration Since Harding

OK, in 04 the meme was:
'The Worst Economy Since Hoover' or
"This will be the first administration to have lost jobs during its tenure'.

Of course reality silenced that intellectual dishonesty. Facts; the enemy of the 'reality based' political paradigm.

Now we roll up on the 06 midterms. The horses are lining up to the gate so what new slogan have the Dems come up with? Well it looks like, based on the Libby indicment, it's going to be:

"The Most Corrupt Administration Since Harding".

Let's take that theory out for a little reality spin whatcha say?
Let's compare the Bush administration to the corruption in other administrations.

By my reckoning the indictment score is:

Bush Administration: 01
Harding Administration: 03
Clinton Administration: 30

Hummm..... I guess democrats are having a hard time with superlatives and history.

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