Thursday, October 27, 2005

2,000th Death In Iraq

Current US Population 295,734,134
Current Iraq Population 26,074,906

Iraq has 11.34 % of the US population.

Murders last year in US = 16,173
(and it was down from the previous year.)

16,173 x 11.34% = 1,834 murders if the US had Iraq's population.

Average of US deaths in Iraq per year = ~ 800

Many of these murders happen in the very states and cities that the moonbeams opposed to the 'senseless' deaths in Iraq live in.

Murder is far more senseless than combat death.

Anybody see the hypocrisy here?

Cindy how many were murdered in California?
How many just in Los Angeles, the gem of progressive civility ?

Hellooooo tap tap tap.... is this thing on?

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