Saturday, October 29, 2005

The Merits of Islam

So Prince Charles is coming to America to lecture us on the merits of Islam is he?

You know I don't seem to recall any mass demonstrations in the streets lately of people chanting 'Death to Iran', 'Death to Pakistan', 'Death to Syria', 'Death to Egypt', Death to Jordan', 'Death to Indonesia', 'Death to Saudia Arabia'. I haven't seen the flags of those countries burned by Americans either.

I would suggest that perhaps he visit Deena Burnett and the kids to explain that Islam really means us no harm. If Ms. Burnett isn't available there are plenty of other families available across the nation that would be more than happy to discuss their experience with the religion of peace. Shouldn't have a problem finding them in New York.

I would suggest further that if he really wants to be affective that he take this same message to Tehran, Cairo, Gaza, Damascus, Islamabad, Lahore, Jakarta; perhaps even sit down and have an nice civil discussion with Zack the Hacker in Iraq or venture over to the cave in Pakistan or Iran that Zawahiri calls home.

But your royal highness, you are our friend and we will listen. Likewise you should listen to us and our thousands of stories of tragedy, of children growing up without parents, families destroyed in the name of this religion and maybe you'll get a grasp of our disdain for not only the lunatic fringe of the religion but also the meager apology from those that claim the jihadist don't represent the aspirations of the religion.

We Americans are a practical people and actions mean more than words. Let me acquaint you with a variation on one of our colloquialisms:

Islam Is As Islamist Do.

Ask this little guy.

Ask the Russians in Beslan,

the people on the train in Madrid,

or the citizens living under Islamic law in Fallujah

Or for that matter, when you get back home lecture the victims of the London bombings on the merits of this religion you so admire.

Here's another colloqialism that you, a sporting fellow, might relate to:

"You're barking up the wrong tree pal." Islam is a cancer on humanity and non-agressive tactics are not going to stop it. It requires some agressive radiological treatment.

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