Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Enough Already

CNN.com - Race fears spark St. George ban - Oct 4, 2005:

"LONDON, England (CNN) -- British prison officers who wore a St. George's Cross tie-pin have been ticked off by the jails watchdog over concerns about the symbol's racist connotations."

"A lot of Muslims and Arabs view the Crusades as a bloody episode in our history," he told CNN. "They see those campaigns as Christendom launching a brutal holy war against Islam."

You know what, as a Christian I am offended by the distortions of Christianity in the Koran. But my religion teaches to live and let live. I don't have to answer for your sins and you don't have to answer for mine. You cannot force love of God into someone's heart no more than you can force someone to love you. God is no fool and is not taken in by someone professing a religion with a sword held to their neck. ONLY A CULTURE OF COMPLETE MENTAL MALALIGNMENT could believe that.

I am also offended by this current worldwide attempt by muslims to muscle their way into power. Where are the signs of their superiority except in their own minds? Where is their art, their education , their science? Show me something current that makes muslim culture 'great'. They are to busy fighting each other to have contributed anything to the 21st century except a legacy of hate and bloodlust. Their arrogance offends me.

This insanity has to stop. What's next, all roads will have to meet at angles other than 90 degrees so that a muslim flying over the country side will not be offended by the signs of the crusades laid out in the roadwork?

If you don't like the British flag, the flag of Sweden, the flag of Denmark, the flag of Norway then go back to the flea infested dung heaps of 'superior culture' from whence you came. Shut up, let us drill your oil for you, make you rich by no effort from yourselves and you can get on your knees and pray all day long.

You should honor the host that has invited you into his home.

Additional Dhimitude:
Telegraph : Opinion - Making a pig's ear of defending democracy:

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