Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Orgy Of Spending By The Impotent

I find it hilarious that the democrats have vigorously defended the Bush tax cuts, the very one this President and his minion in the press have claimed as a major cause of the fiscal mess we are in. They mask credit for these cuts by calling them 'Middle Class' tax cuts. They want to keep them to help the middle class. Of course in their mind mean old George W had his rich Haliburton buddies in mind when he passed them. Don't bother trying to apply common sense to leftist thinking, just think of them as a used car salesman.

So their latest BS is that raising taxes is an equivalent approach to reducing the deficit. Two positions that counter one another with equal weight. Sort of like comparing economies... like the US and Liberia.

I have made the point on here recently that this approach is the 'pissing on a forest fire approach'. It may relieve certain pent up pressures and feel good but it does nothing to address the raging inferno.

Since all those billions and trillions make things so difficult for the logically challenged here's a graphic that even first graders can understand. The position the President and other limp-wristed politicians have taken is to raise the revenue side by just enough to fund the spending orgy for about 5 days. I'm sure Chris Matthews is orgasmic and wishing he could have the President's baby while Paul Klugman is somewhere doing the one hand mambo. 'My gawd, the man is like seeewwwww purrfect'.

The position of the adults in the room on the right is that no action is meaningful that doesn't seriously address the spending to reduce the chart on the right. They get skewered in the press because... well... they are mean ol rich white Republicans. Let's tax these rich SOB's because they have money and we don't. Never mind that Hollywood got a sweetheart of a tax break for helping Obama get selected again. I guess if you're a 1% conservative you deserve to be punished but if your a 1% liberal you deserve your wealth.

Has anyone mentioned your taxes are going up in 2013 when aspects of the healthcare law kick in?

H/T  Vilmar @ Kickin and Screamin   from  Zero Hedge.

In related news read these statements and glance up at that chart from time to time. Right now prosperity isn't the goal. When you are having trouble paying the mortgage, health insurance and keeping the heat and lights on the goal isn't to be planning that trip to the Bahamas. Oh wait... he's heading back to Hawaii on your dime so dig in those pockets for that billion it will cost us to entertain the Obama family.
From the White House Dossier

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