Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Bullhorns On Piles Of Dead Children

If politicians like Obama,Biden, Cuomo along with pundits like Piers Morgan, CNN, MSBC and others are going to climb atop the piles of dead children to scream through their bullhorns that the people that support the right to own and bear arms are going to hear from all of us soon then let's take a look a child that was ultimately the victim of overzealous federal gun policy from other piles of ruble... Baylee Almon.

Before she was born a new President had come into power and nominated the first Attorney General of the United States. He inherited a stand-off in Waco between a group of religious zealots and federal agents over gun control measures. Clamors to end the siege because it was costing so much drove the President to act to show he was tough on crime and his female Attorney General had testicular fortitude. The result was the death of 25 children who mostly suffocated in a 10x20 bunker as the fire rage above them.

The government's inept handling, the lies, coverups, the victim toll all set off a rage in many people.

A year later Baylee was born. She celebrated her first birthday on April 18, 1995. What a joyous day that must have been. The next day she joined the other kids in the Murrah Federal day care center and at 9:01 AM she may have been napping, stacking plastic building blocks, practicing her unsteady walking, laughing giggling and suddenly her future ended in a building that was practically the safest place in the world with every federal agency located there armed to the hilt. It didn't matter.

The perpetrator received fame until his execution. The President won re-election is now the esteemed darling of his party. His wife and political confidant became a senior Senator, ran for the Presidency and may even become President herself. The Attorney General's legacy is secured in history. But little Baylee who had no say in any of this paid the price for all of them.

So if we are going to make the children the focus of our actions let's do it in a sane manner and be adults and face up to realities. We are the problem. Taking actions for political posing or to get ratings up that exacerbate this violence needs to have a 'come to Jesus' moment.

Banning guns will not work. It didn't stop McVeigh, it didn't stop Columbine, it isn't making Chicago, New York or Philadelphia any safer. It will only create more problems and leave honest citizens defenseless against criminals in and out of government.

We need to change our culture. It isn't going to happen over night. It will take generations. We need to install the value of life into our children. Whatever the NEA and liberal political inertia has been for the last forty years we need to do the exact opposite. We need to instill moral values in our schools, our entertainment and in our actions. We need to make the punishment for horrendous acts so horrendous and certain that it will deter the glory seekers from acting. Humiliate them in death rather than nurture their memories because they had some mental affliction. We all have one to some extent.

We don't ban violent games, we just make them not cool.
We don't command Hollywood to make non-violent movies, we just make them unprofitable.
We don't disarm law abiding citizens we arm them and make them safe.
We afford our children the same consideration to go to a safe school like the children of the privileged politicians and wealthy do by hiring armed security.

Keep in mind that Tim McVeigh had access to an arsenal that could have killed as many people but chose not to use that type of an attack. He would have been dropped dead on the first floor when he pulled his weapon.

And perhaps little Baylee Almon would be celebrating the fist birthday of her third or fourth child today.

We are heading down a dangerous path on both sides unless saner heads prevail.

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