Thursday, January 24, 2013

A Fair Electoral College

H/T: Breitbart

  Van Jones, former Green Czar, Obama's buddy and admitted Communist said in a post inaugural speech that Obama isn't a socialist, he's a Communitarian.  This is another example of how progressives use language to mask their intent in a manner similar to changing 'Global Warming' to 'Climate Change' when substantive evidence began to emerge of fraud in the data

   The only thing standing in these people's way is the GOP, Talk Radio, Common Sense and the Second Amendment and they are attacking all four with great vigor. If all that is necessary for evil to succeed is for good people to do nothing I wonder if the good people have the will to to match their audacity?

   Here's a suggestion.  The Democrats want to tamper with the Electoral College. So let's do this. Let's modify it so that each county of a state gets one electoral vote. It will parse the division of power into a greater pool, it will take away these concentrations of power in large urban centers and give the people of the entire nation, half of them in rural areas, a more balanced say into who we elect President.

   If it's fairness they demand then let's give it to them. The proposition should be sold in the name of fairness.

   If Republicans retain the House and take the Senate in the midterms rather than expending political capital impeaching Obama they should push for amending the section of the Constitution pertaining to the Electoral college. It would also give the States their opportunity to counteract the federal assault on their rights.



Anonymous said...

You clearly have no clue what "fairness" means. Literally nothing could be less fair than what you suggest.

I can't say there's any surprise that Republicans would want to rig elections that they're incapable of winning honestly, though.

Anonymous said...

BTW, your claim that half of Americans live in rural areas is farcical. It's less than 20% who do.

IOpian said...

Projecting a bit are you? You all seem like the Borg spouting the same old 'original thoughts not required' party narrative.

How about this then. Since electors are determined by representation in Congress according to population per district would an electoral system where each electoral vote is determined per district fit your definition of fair?