Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Let Us Review

The man-made global warming scam has been exposed, collapsing like the house of cards it is. Even Phil Jones has admitted it hasn't warmed since 1995. Those of use that saw it for the BS it are called Deniers. We are heretics in the religion of Gaia. I wear it as a badge of honor. But we Demiers have nothing to call our accusers. Considering current events how about calling them the Dupes, those that fell for global warming hook line and sinker ulimately declaring that
the science is settled. Turned out to just be unsettling.

Here's the kind of people that are Dupes:

So if the entire premise of the 'Green Eco movement' is that human use of fossil fuels has caused an alarming rise in global temperature because CO2 is a pollutant and greenhouse gas and the single premise of global warming is proven to be false then all the other arguments become baseless. A false conclusion based on a false premise.

This means that:

1) CO2 is not necessarily a pollutant in nature but only in the politically motivated view of the Dupes.

2) Using a fossil fuel like gasoline has had no major effect on global temperatures. It is abundant, accessible and promotes our energy independence. Our hand would be stronger at the table when keeping prices moderated.

3) The drilling ban is based on an illusionary foundation and we suffer economically and strategically because of the Dupe's wrong-headed policies.


nanc said...

I can barely watch the destruction of this myth - it's so pitiable!

IOpian said...

Drill and drill now.
Jobs, jobs, jobs.