Monday, February 01, 2010

A Dynamic Planet

This a bit of activity in Yellowstone. It is unnerving I guess but that is a place where the continental crust is moving over a hot spot in the mantle. The Hawaiian Islands are a legacy of the Pacific plate moving over one.

The recent earthquake in Haiti makes it appear there is elevated activity. But it is worth keeping in mind that these plates are bumping and crunching into each other building up inconceivable forces. Like a pile of potatoes, if you move one from below many others will respond by shifting as far as they can go. Same thing with these plates. If one moves so do the others. Though geologically minute in their movement they can have catastrophic consequences to humans. So perhaps these small earthquakes in Yellowstone and the New Madrid regions are just reactions to the plates in the Caribbean.


nanc said...

The New Madrid is also overactive lately and you and I will feel it if there's a quake over say five on the Richter Scale - we'll feel it big time!

IOpian said...

That made Fox News the other day, the number of rumbles along the New Madrid.