Monday, February 08, 2010

America's Oil

There are certain terms one will hear from the talking heads; 'energy independence' and 'reliance on foreign oil'. I was just listening to an interview on TV and heard those buzz words which drew my mind back to my youth when I was employed by a company that built drilling rigs.

I was about 26 and remember an after work discussion I was having with a friend. Essentially we were on top of the world. He was head of Purchasing and I was the Assistant Manager of Manufacturing. We were extolling our success at such an early age and that the future looked bright because "America will always need America's oil". Such is the folly of youth ( on more than one level).

That was true then and it is still true some 30 years later - America needs America's oil". What we didn't see coming was any politician being stupid enough to prohibit drilling our resources and getting us addicted to other's oil.

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