Friday, January 15, 2010


So far so good. This may work out. Have the template commented for what parts of the code to tweak. Probably going to be worth the change.


nanc said...

Lookin' goooood!

Love the news ticker at the top.

IOpian said...

I copied my old template with all my sidebar info. Took a long time to gather that. So I am tooling along cut and pasting parts of my new code.

Without thinking I overwrote all the code from my old sidebar. At least I got the 'From The Right' and From The Left' parts back. Somewhere I know I have my old template stored with most of those lists.

Think they may be on the laptop... but now I can't find the power cable..... would this constitute an Oh Boo moment ?

nanc said...


I have my old templates and sitemeters stored somewhere but it would take me a week or more to find them...*:(