Monday, January 18, 2010

My Next Blog

Now that I have the hang of this I will begin working on my other blog relating to all things digital. The concept of IOpia came about long ago. I was sitting in the computer lab and was prompted to change my password. Out of nowhere came IOpian, one who dwells in the world of Input/Output; IO is a very common term in computer science.

It was so profound that driving home a concept unfolded and upon arriving I went out and signed up for every free email service I could as IOpian@. I also went to Network Solutions and acquired the domains, I tried to get but it was taken. About two years later the guy let that domain expire and I grabbed it for five years.

Now this was way back in the ancient days of the nineties. I stayed continually employed after college so I rarely did anything with this.

The first concept was a virtual world called IOpia that would be like a virtual village with links to a Mall, a Library, a City Hall and such things. In each link would be pertinent content. I even contemplating going to local vendors, photographing their wares and post them online.

I may still go this route as far as presentation but I think I want to confine it to Digital Art, Cameras and Music. I am tired of politics and I have this creative urges. Since I now find myself without income but also without distractions I think I will direct my energies that way.

I am still trying to decide whether to develop this using Blogger and point it at my domain or to use WordPress. I particular like the look and feel of WordPress sites. This new Blogger system is better than the old setup, in particular I like they gadgets concept. It encapsulates the elements of the page so it is easy to go directly to the code and do edits. I just need to do some exploration but I am leaning towards WordPress.

The primary consideration is that the address is


nanc said...

Boy do I feel like a complete dolt! Thought for sure it was for this reason...of course I kept looking for signs!

IOpian said...

Well I can be like a volcano blowing my top.