Wednesday, January 27, 2010


I don't think I can stomach watching the SOTU tonight mostly because I already have an idea of what Nimrod The Great is going to say. Once again I will volunteer as this administration's czar of Why That's a Stupid Idea.

1) Jobs not 'Green' Jobs. The American people just want jobs and have little interest in the application of black-board theories when they are losing their houses.

2) Energy now, not waiting until new 'Green' technologies yet to come to markey viability.

3) Health Care Reform. Kill the social experiment and focus on real reform. In the past he has included reforming Medicare and Medicare by eliminating waste and graft. Focus on that since you heralded it into the equation of reducing costs. If you can't do this minor tenet they how are we to believe you could have done the rest of it ?

4) Looking angry and resolute will only make him look clueless.

5) Recently the President in an interview stated that perhaps his administration isn't getting the message to the people. No, Mr. President, you are not listening. If this summer of discontent did get through to you guys then perhaps it never will. We are not convinced you are as smart as you think you are. Listen !

6) George Bush did not run up the 787$ 'Stimulus' Bill that was actually more of a compensation package for political cronies and funding for their further adventures.

7) George Bush did not ram that bill down our throats without even reading it.

8) George Bush did not fire and demean an Inspector General for uncovering the corruption.

9) George Bush did not look the other way from clearly documented voter intimidation by a racist organization.

10) George Bush sought to address the impending mortgage crisis while you defended the strong arm tactics of forcing banks to offer risky loans.

11) George Bush released TARP money that you approved of also.

12) George Bush did not bribe Senators for their vote.

13) George Bush did not make you break campaign promises.

14) George Bush did not take over private industries.

15) George Bush did not violate the sanctity of private contracts.

16) George Bush did not treat terrorists as mere criminals or offend the very people who suffered the most by bringing the terrorists to the scene of the crime and granting them equal privileges as their victims.

So basically this self-deluded boy wonder needs to grow up.  He wanted the job, he knew what lay ahead and told us he could fix it.   So fix it.  Whining about the past isn't doing anything. We all heard you the first time.

He and the Democrats are not blameless for this economic fiasco. Their hands are dirty and it is a lie to blame this on one party. Things turned to shit after the 2006 election when they took over Congress and have been in a free-fall ever since. Face up to reality.

But it is going to be just more posing as a tough guy while chasing good money after bad. We are simply screwed. The ship is sinking. Every man for himself.


The Watcher said...

My only real comment, other than I agree with you 100% on everything, is an addition you #4: Not only does it make him look clueless, it makes him look constipated.

IOpian said...

He does get that look from time to time. Must come with being so full of it.

nanc said...

He looked like an anorexic scarecrow!

Yes, he took his stabs at the previous admin when it behooved him and he thought he could get the crowd to stand - we only watched a little more than half - couldn't take it.