Wednesday, May 06, 2009

My State Is About to Declare Sovereignty

Leading the way. Let the battle over the 10th Amendment begin. Hopefully our friend Texas ( except in October ) will be right there with us in short order.


Phelonius said...

HEY! Whaddaya mean "except in October"? Gov. Perry took a lot of heat by championing the same type of resolution here in Texas. But we need more Republicans and Libertarians here.) GO OK!!

IOpian said...

Dallas can be a rough place for Sooner fans in October :-)

I look forward to Texans declaring sovereignty. I think I have even read where some very blue states like Oregon have entertained the idea.

One way or the other we all need a little push back against the federal government.

I was wondering the other day if the intrusion into the affairs of a state violates the guarantee of a republican form of government.

Example; the voters of California clearly voted against Prop 8. So if some agent of the federal government like a federal judge overturns the will of the people that is denying them a republican form of government insofar as republicanism means the right to vote for representation in the affairs of the state.