Friday, May 01, 2009

Love Is Blue

Was sitting here with work on my mind and suddenly a group of old and feeble neurons must have collapsed and short-circuited themselves into my focus. I heard this song in my head but could not recall either the artist or the title but it did blossom many memories of how popular it was at the time and was one of the favorites they would play at the roller rink with the lights from the mirrored balls all around while gliding over the floor.

I assigned the task of recall to my subconscious an went back to work. Then the name came to me Paul Mauriat.... I goggled him and then recognized the name of the song. How could I have forgotten that !!!

Love is Blue.


nanc said...


i'll elect you to send me some singalong wednesday tunes!

IOpian said...

Email on the way. I may come up with a few others. Finally bought Vegas Video, got my YouTube account setup, it's raining outside and I have a perfectly valid excuse to play inside today with my new toy.

Actually I would rather be outside cleaning out the front flower beds and trimming the bushes... so far it is Weeds - 1; IOpian - 0 but soon through the wonders of modern technology will reverse that course into a stunning victory for the home team.

nanc said...

get a goat - you can eat it later on!

IOpian said...

Google bought the one I wanted.