Monday, May 11, 2009

Don't Tread On Us

They messed with Texas and lost. Look's like Oklahoma means business as well.

I particularly like this opinion from one of our more educated state senators:
Sen. Connie Johnson, D-Oklahoma City, argued the bill ran afoul of the U.S. Constitution and amounted to state government establishing a religious preference.

She recalled as a child watching Charleton Heston in the leading role of the 1956 movie, "The Ten Commandments," and always understood "there was a religious connotation to the issue, rather than historic."

She said it "disregards our Christian beliefs...that we're supposed to love our neighbors and have respect" for people of all faiths.
If she ever bothered to open a book she would know that movie is fiction. Moses was the meekest of men and studdered so badly his brother had to speak for him. More like Woody Allen than Charlton Heston.

If she really got ambition she would know that the ten commandments is Jewish law. She would also realize that Christianity was brought to the world through a Jew and further she would understand that Mohamed borrowed heavily from Judaism when he needed to attempt legitimization of the religion he was inventing.

So the Ten Commandments is something shared by the world's major religions, about as close to respecting people of all faiths as anything can get.

If I ever run across her maybe I ought to have her bless me with her vast wisdom and show me that part about separation of church and state in the Constitution. Hopefully she can explain that 'free practice' part to me. Apparently it is not something a commoner like myself can comprehend. I might also bring up that the Constitution says 'Congress shall make no law'. That's Congress, where is the part about state legislatures ?
This ought to be interesting.

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