Sunday, June 15, 2008

Where in the world is Osama?

Times Online -Bush:Get Bin Laden

I have a suggestion. Fake a video of his capture. Show him pleading for his life with terror on his face under the boots of US Rangers and CIA like Hussein. We certainly have the technology to fake his facial features and mannerisms.
Leak it into the YouTube world of deniablility. When the US government denies any knowledge of the video it would be perceived as just another one of those lies that they always tell. Of course there would be all kinds of conspiracy theories out there.. but it would force Bin-Laden to the surface to deny the claim. It would be one thing if it showed him killed and that would be to his advantage, but cowering in fear is an insult to his honor and a response in that culture would be required.
If for nothing else we could determine whether he is dead or alive. No response would indicate the worms had long ago finished with him.


nanc said...

you DO realize if he is captured or has been captured, the left will scream END THIS WAR! as if he's our only problem.

IOpian said...

Yep. I guarantee they will also miss the fact that as Afghanistan fell the terrorists begin to migrate into safehavens in Iraq. Now that they are under pressure in Iraq suddenly there is an up-tic of activity in Afghanistan. Might the two be related?

Phelonius said...

Can the cast of the Muppet Show be used in this viddy?

I would love to see Kermit interrogating Osama with the help of the Swedish Chef, say, and the Big Monster.

nanc said...

please don't give up, iopian.