Saturday, June 07, 2008

Inconsistencies ?

One of the arguments people use against capital punishment is that an innocent person might die. Shouldn't the same principle apply to this situation?


nanc said...

finally! a good news story!

God is so good, iopian.

just a reminder that what the enemy means for evil, He will turn it for the good.


Phelonius said...

Hey Iopian. My wife and I have talked about this many times. What we find hard to understand is that if a pregnant woman is injured or killed and it also results in the loos of the baby, the criminal is up against murder charges for that infant.

If Mom and Dad terminate a fetus using a doctor, then somehow it is suddenly their choice to do so. What a contradiction in terms.

IOpian said...


Agreed. I can't reconcile it in my mind just like I can't fathom the mind of homosexual or pedophilic desire. I just do not have the neural configuration to close the circuit of understanding. Until then it gets classified as aborrant behavior.

Now this couple was attempting to avoide pregnacy. However they are an exception to the cause of most abortions, irresponsible behavior. What has also baffled me is how it can be that someone proven to behave irresponsibly somehow gain the insight in a few months to be able to responsibly decide to terminate another's life.