Tuesday, January 08, 2008

All That Glitters is Not Gold

Well, it looks like Hollywood has found a new sparkly object to follow...

CAUSE CÉLÈBRE: Ready to give Barack the part: LATIMES

Here's the money quote to show what a vacuous bunch of idiots these people are:

"It is not a question of loyalty; Barack is simply too close to making history for Hollywood not to be part of it," Quintana said. "For most of us, Hillary was our first choice, but she has come up short. Barack has become a movement."
For them it is all about riding on the winning bandwagon in a parade of fools. These are serious times and we face serious external threats and I'm sorry but Obama simply is a nicely wrapped package with no gift inside. But hey... Hollywood, the Mullahs, Chavez and al Sadr would like to see him elected.

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