Thursday, September 20, 2007

What Choice Will We Make ?


nanc said...

he was the last of his kind, iopian - guess that ought to be indication of where we are headed.

people of this world don't get it - their sites are set too low.

IOpian said...

We are living in the result of 40 years of a liberal domination of education and the successful dumbing-down of the world. You know by the time I was in eighth grade I knew basic Algebra, could name every nation on earth and it's capital, could point to them on a map and could outline complex sentences. all without diminishing my self-esteem. I also lived for Fridays and dodgeball in PE. About what a graduate of a liberal arts degree can't do nowadays.

I was just talking to some friends today ( we are all chidren of the late sixties/early seventies and the last generation to get a decent education ) and to a person we are all thankful that at most we only have a decade or two to have to endure this maddness before we check out.

Though I must admit that my nephew's generation, he's 24 and on his second tour in Ramadi this time, impress me as far more conservative at his age than I was. Got their heads screwed on right. Perhaps the pendelum is swinging back to the right.