Saturday, September 15, 2007

The 'Greenspan Awakening'

Drudge is running a Red Light Banner.. Greenspan says Iraq war was about oil.

No shi'ite sherlock! The question being whether Iraq's oil reserves would be controlled by a belligerent genocidal sociopath or a duly elected democratic government.

There are many more reasons for removing the regime of which this is just one. For me his igorning 17 UN resolutions, his attempted assassination of GHW Bush, his genocide of the Kurds and Shia, his abrogation of the 91 cease fire agreement, his attack on Kuwait, his burning of the oil wells and dumping oil in the Arabian Gulf, his payments to young Palestinian murder's families, his harboring and training of terrorists, his quest for more lethal weaponry were sufficient reasons to attack him. So why not throw the 'Greenspan Awakening' in for good measure?

Of course this plays into the hands of the historically-challenged neo-leftists but I have news for them... almost every major war in history has been about the control of resources. Whether it is Spice, Drugs, Steel, Food, Living Space or Oil. This is why Japan attacked us.. we stopped sending them steel and other comodities. Hitler attacked Romania and Russia for Oil. The British went to war with China over Opium and eventually created an empire to control natural resources as did the Romans, the Greeks, , France, Spain... nothing new here folks. The entire American history is predicated on control of resources.

But to the clueless 'progressive' moonbat this will just appear to validate their BDS.
I mean, for them, history is so... yesterday.

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