Thursday, September 27, 2007

General Observations...

because I can't think of anything else to blog about.

I've read in passing about last night's Democrat debate # 4,965. I caught some clips on FoxNews and noticed that now they are now talking about giving up on Iraq towards the end of their first term instead of immediatley. Richardson the end of his first term but who really cares what the inconsequential candidates think ? I think the three possible viable candidates Clinton, Obama and Edwards who will have talked themselves into a quandry in the coming months. Especially as the Iraq conflict begins to wind down into an useasy peace.

Their first problem is that their party is extremely skewed to the left where traditional Democrats, the last vestiges of what used to be referred to as conservative Democrats, drift away from the absurdities of the left-wing lunatics like Kos and (Soros' poodles). These would be the older Democrats that go to church on Sunday and remember a more sane and honorable Democratic party. I would call them the JFK Democrats. Though they too may show mild symptoms of BDS they still honor their country, have a sense of duty to country and as grownups would never allow the Kos Kidz and the other influencial children of the party to have power. These people may possibly be drawn to Clinton but may balk at Edwards or Obama because of their youth and inexperience. They may even be drawn to Thompson much in the way of the Reagan Democrats.

The second problem is that all their prognostications of gloom and doom in Iraq are not going to pan out and will cause two problems. One exposing their lack of the right stuff of leadership and the other being their willingness to modify their stance as events change in Iraq. Eventually Clinton will be telling us she was for it all along.

Clinton being the most likely to win the nomination will have to face her past. I am sure that the Republicans have polished the big guns and have them safely stored away until both nominees are selected. Then we'll hear about Vince Foster, for something is afoul surrounding that whole affair. We'll see her in her full pandering glory because, unlike Edwards and Obama, she does have a record.

If I were a debate commentor or interviwer there is one question/point I would like to pose to her. In her testimony on the Rose Law Firm/Whitewater affair she said some 200+ times that she couldn't recall, couldn't remember or wasn't sure. So my point would be why should we elect, as leader of the free-world, someone that has that bad of a memory or is that deceptive.

I've noticed that on some blogs Democrats go ballistic when their party is called the Democrat party. They will insist it be called the Democratic Party. Ok then... if members of the Republican party can be called Republicans why not call members of the Democratic party Democratics ? But I do understand that consistentcy is not an attribute of the leftist mind.

Kucinich... what the hell is wrong with the people in the district that keeps eleting him? Many of my clients are in all parts of Ohio and I think they are very normal and intelligent people. Is there some dark vortex of less-than-bright people that others in Ohio have fled from leaving only Darwin fodder?

Dan Rather... A lot like watching Brittney come crashing down or Elvis getting fat and drugged out. Sad watching the suicide of a legacy.

Got a good chuckle out of Ahmindeedanutjob propoganda at Columbia about Iran respecting international law... of course most of the libtards that were applauding him have not a clue about the 1979 act of war he was part of.

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