Tuesday, March 27, 2007

You Have Got to be Kidding.

Let's see, we have or had females as Secretary of State, Speaker of the House, Attorney General, leading presidential or VP candidates, governors, heads of federal departments, generals in the military forces and decorated war heroes... ( not to mention a female Senator introducing this ) and they feel a need to amend the Constitution to guarantee equal opportunity for women ?!! These people simply never outgrew the 70's. What world do they live in ?!!

Democratic Lawmakers to Reintroduce ERA -- 03/27/2007

If they want to waste or money and time amending the Constitution I propose a better one... recognizing that the power of government is derived from the people then create a guarantee for the right of recall to the people at large.

We should create a mechanism for the people collectively to recall the officials elected by any single state. So if a Ted Kennedy or Robert Byrd becomes firmly lodged in a Senate seat the people outside of Massachusetts or West Virgina, in these two examples, can be removed from office by a concensus of the voters of the other states. I mean, if most people are mistakenly convinced that we live in a democracy then this should hold valid to democratic principles, whereas if they realized we actually have a republican form of government this idea could not coincide with that concept. Then again, the direct election of Senators is a major move towards the conversion to a democracy.

But since most are convinced otherwise I say let's be a democracy then.

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