Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Spain No Longer Part of Europe ?

Reference: Michelle Malkin's HOTAIR video blog ( should we start calling these vlogs ? ) concerning a recent pro-illegal foreigner demonstration in Minnesota.

Malkin quotes KTSP :

Susana De Leon, an activist and part-time instructor of Mexican-American studies, was involved in a verbal confrontation at the rally in Owatonna.

"Yes, people from Europe are wet backs man... their backs so wet because they had to cross an ocean to get here," De Leon said at the rally.

De Leon is also an immigration attorney who led the rally in Owatonna. -end quote.

Ok let's derive a few things from that quote:
1. De Leon is a university level instructor
2. De Leon is also an attorney
3. De Leon is most likely of Mexican heritage

From these indicators one would think that De Leon should know:
1. Mexicans are of Spanish heritage.
2. Their native language is Spanish.
3. Spain is part of Europe.
4. Spaniards are Europeans.
5. The Spanish also brutally conquered parts of the Americas.

So we can conclude that a Mexican's heritage is as European as any gringo's. But if you repeat the lie loud enough and long enough and the receivers of the lie are too clueless to know the difference it somehow gets accepted as an unquestionable truth.

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