Thursday, May 25, 2006

Read My Lips 'Vigilantes'

I got to thinking about the way the President dismissed The Minutemen as vigilantes. Well in a technical sense they are.. they are being vigilant. Somebody has to because with 12 million potential rioters in our country someone should have been. I did not take that to be the meaning from the tone the President used.

Describing citizens that are simply fed up with governemnt inaction and choosing to do the job themselves do not deserve such disdain. I believe this will be Bush's 'Read My Lips' moment because it exemplifies the misunderestimation of public sentiment against his 'mi casa su casa' approach to Mexican relations. Mexico is not our friend, Mexico is not our ally and the export of their dysfunctional social structure pose a direct threat to our national security.

The two coming elections will be about illegal immigration in light of national security and neither party is off to a good start yet. In 08 it could very well be a Tancredo type on a third ticket that will determine who is the next President. And we all should keep in mind that a Clinton got a first term as a minority President because Perot drew votes that would have re-elected Bush.

"Read my lips.... No New Amnesty"

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