Thursday, May 25, 2006

Mexican Refugees

I recall a headline recently saying that 65,000 people were fleeing Iraq. Found it on the old reliable BBC. Anytime you need a reference of negativity about Iraq the BBC gladly delivers. When I first saw the headline my intial thought was that it could also have read that "26,009,906 remain in Iraq amid unrest" but that would be a positive statement and that is journalistically taboo. So here we have about .22 % of a population fleeing a country and the article contains this interesting statement:
The United Nations still has only a limited presence inside Iraq but officials in neighbouring Jordan say they are trying to secure emergency funds because of expectations this internal refugee problem will grow."

Now even more recently came the news that 10% of Mexico's population ( 15% of its labor force ) is in the U.S.

I have developed an alternate proposal to the immigration debate. Let's get the UN to declare the illegal immigrants economic refugees fleeing a corrupt narco-regime. We could have them setup refugee camps in the deserts along the border and any refugee found among the general population will be sent to these camps to receive essential necessities and medical assistance from the UN's emergency relief funds. Perhaps humiliate Mexico into rehabilitation. I know... it's a crazy idea... but then it's a crazy world.

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