Friday, December 02, 2005

Liberals Channel Dead Soldiers

Check out this post over at Little Green Footballs

Aww those progressives... such creative people although the only dead people I've ever heard of voting were already Democrats.

I have a suggestion for a sequel. How about all the World War II soldiers come from their graves and descend on the US Capitol and call the liberals wimps and political whores.


Static Brain said...

How bout some dead iraqi children come call you a oil grubbing war mongering insensitive lout?

IOpian said...

And from which of Saddam's mass graves shall these children arise?

Oil grubbing... humm.. putting aside the rising cost of fuel due to the abundance of all that stolen oil do you drive a car, are there tires on that car, do you wear makeup, do you take medicines, did you type on plastic keys into a plastic cased computer running on the very same electriciy that also controls the climate of your abode? Have you been to a candle light vigil lately burning paraffin candles? Well guess what all that oil goes into the production of.

War mongering... sorry but I get a little pissed when I see 2700 Americans killed before my eyes by a bunch of cave dwellers wanting to drag humanity back into the 7th century. And if you think Saddam had nothing to do with it then you are simply naive as to the evil that men do, to the compulsion of revenge and honor among Arab tribal mentality and in general the way the world works. You are also simply unread and ignorant of the evidence which I have provided, if you bother to educate yourself, on the sidebar under 'The Case Against Saddam'.

Insensitive... so it would appear to the non-critical mind. I am a realist. I see the world as it is unlike progressives that see it as it ought to be.

I don't know any Iraqi children, I don't know any little kids eating out of dumps in Mexico City, I don't know any little Muslim girls being forced into marriage to a man twice her age. If I was king of the world and could change it would I? You bet. But I'm not and I can't. If someone harmed an innocent within my immediate vicinity and I could prevent it then you wouldn't have a criticism about my war-mongering nature.

lout ? : "An awkward and stupid person" ...projection perhaps ?

Beats being a clueless hypocrite.