Saturday, December 17, 2005


Been working a lot lately and not much chance to blog. But I do have the news on while I work and I've heard about this war against Christmas. I've heard about the stores that substitute Merry Christmas for Happy Holidays. Can't get a bug up the butt over that because I always thought it ought to be 'have a Happy Christmas and a Merry New Year' anyway. Then I saw on Drudge, I think, where someone thought it immensely clever to decorate their yard with a reindeer hanging with blood dripping from it. Then I heard about a school where the kids sang Hannakuh and Kwanzza ( what a completely idiotic concept ) songs but couldn't sing Christmas songs. Just heard a store put up a 'He is the reason for the season' sign and people bitched about it and the store essentially told them to shove it. And what is Hollywood's grand offering on the big screen for the season? Wolf Creek, a bloody snuff flick because Hollywood has lost any concept of creativity and can only come up with a rehashed Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Opening on Christmas day.

I have come to one conclusion... the world has lost it's god-damned mind and I use that word literally.

As a Christian that thinks religion is a scam job, I really never believed in evil as this antithesis to God. I believe that we are in the image of God in that we have free will to choose between doing or not doing.

I always believed that the natural state of the universe was darkness and light to be the aberration and therefore evil was just the abscence of good. But there is this foul cloud of stupidity spreading worldwide. Whenever the world takes side with the Palestinian butchers over a democratic people, whenever a people whose holy shrine sits on top of the foundation of the destroyed second Jewish temple and Jew haters can, with a straight face, claim the Jews are not entitled to their historical homeland, whenever a people lampoon Christianity while showing deference to a religion created by a false prophet and known for it's hatred and buthcery, whenever Hollywood supports a savage like Tookie Williams who not only killed 4 people but helped create a gang that is responsible for more deaths in Los Angeles County than troops lost in Iraq, whenever the world believes that Saddam Hussein is entitled to fair treatment under the law while he butchered his own people...... then the world has simply gone stupid. Stupidity is the intentional exercise of ignorance.

So, I now find myself reassessing my view and I have come to realize that evil does exist as a dynamic intentional entity.

My view of the concept of Anit-Christ has always been that it wasn't a single person like a Damien but an all pervasive world system. The mark of the beast lies dormaint in your wallet with names like VISA, MASTERCARD. It is in the administrations of our schools. It runs rampant throught the halls of all our governemt. And now we are seeing it emerge in out traditions.

Anti Christ means just that. Against Christ. Agaisnt Christians. Against the Jew.

As Christ himself said, you can know the tree by the fruit it bears.

apology for speeling and logical content. gotta get back to work, needed to type it while I was thinking it. Maybe I'll edit later.


Static Brain said...

Evil is a real entity. Satan is real. Some people just choose to let him into their heads and make himself at home. There are many anti-christs, but Satan is the original and definitely behind the others in their actions, thoughts and words.

Paladin said...

Gotta say I agree with static brain. Satan's MO is to oppose everything that God wants done. God loves people, thus Satan hates them. God wants love, life and choice. Satan wants hate, death and slavery.

But as far as seeing the anti-Christ among the world, it's been happening since the dawn of time. Nothing new, except now it's been covered 24/7 by cable, satellite and the Internet; better distribution channels.