Saturday, September 03, 2005

SCOTUS Trifecta

I originally posted this July 8, 2005.
Now that the Chief Justice has passed it's worth repeating.

GOP Plots Court Strategy With Rehnquist in Mind

"Some Republican strategists point out that Bush could elevate Scalia to chief justice, leaving him with three opportunities to put his personal imprint on the court -- but also three confirmation battles to wage simultaneously."

It would be foolish to do otherwise. Mid-terms are not that far off and it will not serve the interest of Democrats to be seen for the obstructionist they are.

I would really like to see the President nominate Scalia as Chief Justice and Janis Rodgers Brown to replace O'Conner. I believe it would put the Democrats in a precarious position of having to attack two people they have already confirmed. In the case of Rodgers Brown, a tad shy of being the liberal's stereotypical 'White Christian Male' conservative, the Democrats are going to look quite hypocritical with their typical over-the-top extremist rhetoric against a talented, highly qualified female who happens to be black, typically part of the liberal base.

Sometimes to defeat an adversary you simply let them talk.
No Guts no Glory.

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