Monday, September 05, 2005

Breaking Gas Prices

Here's an idea that I've been tossing around. Haven't thrown numbers at it or anything. More of a 'what if'...

I think that there are certain fundamental physical priciples that are universal like gravity, light and certain forms like the spiral, the sphere or the meander are a few that come to mind.

When we see a spiral galaxy we are seeing the manifestation of a physical force painted with matter on the canvas of time.

Another fundamental I see everywhere is the wave function. Everything that is dynamic can be described as a wave function and its cycle in time.

Now to the gist of the matter; harmonic resonance. We see it everywhere but we rarely notice it. If you google 'harmonic resonance' you'll see it is discussed in numerous fields such as quantum physics, electronic and in inter-personal relationship.

I seem to recall that the Roman legends would break stride over bridges because the harmonic resonance of a long column marching in step damaged the bridge. There was also a bridge constructed in Washington, I get a neural tinge that it was Veranznao Straits bridge ( something like that ), that on opening day collapsed because the architects hadn't thought of the wind differentials over the top and bottom of the span. The wind began to blow and caused a wave function to run down the bridge. It grew in amplitude until the structure collapsed.

Now, the way to prevent this is to send chaotic impulses to prevent the 'peaks' from harmonically amplifying themselves. Breaking stride across the structure if you will.

Our spending habits on auto fuel are chaotic as a society. On any given day somebody will be at the gas pumps when I drive in to get mine. Just another wave function of probability.

What if we all could march in unison on buying gas ? I'm not talking conservation or anything like that. Buy gas normally but just do it in specified periods. If we all chose to buy gas on Mondays, Wednesdays, Saturdays then there would be no income on the other days to gas producers and vendors.

This could have the effect of sending harmonic resonance through the market and break the structure that is allowing price creep.

Now deep down inside I think this oil price spike is a subtle retaliation by OPEC against American power projection, especially in the Middle East. Like boiling a lobster, they do it a little at a time so we mumble instead of screaming.

I imagine their thinking is something like "We'll let them come in and vanguish our threats then we'll run them broke doing it so they can't come after us when they're done." Of course the expedient excuse is the emerging economies of China and India but a couple of those OPEC countries have had no problem with increasing output for the Gulf Coast disaster. So they aren't at the max capacity one would think from the demands of China and India they claim are causing a shortage.

Sending a harmonic resonance through this economic structure would be like poping a rug to get the bugs off it. It would also send a message that the consumer is a force to be reckoned with which is a factor they usually ignore.

Also we have an expedient excuse to retaliate against OPEC by jacking the price of food and oil equipment parts because of the destruction of the New Orleans port. If they can use a necessary commodity as a weapon so can we.

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