Monday, September 26, 2005

In League With The Devil

As the crowd quietly hums Kumbaya........


Linda Johnson said...

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Dee said...

I am not a supporter of the war or bush but I do think sheenan has gone over the edge. She should be mending her family and thinking of them and what her son wanted, not her own desires.

IOpian said...


Thanks for dropping by. It's kind of sad really. I think it is a projected anger at Bush for her son 'getting killed' in her mind. If you read the details of the mission he volunteered for he was doing what he, as a grown adult, choose to do and that should be honored.

Even sadder is that she has chosen a philosophy identical to the man, al-Sadr, that actually incited the incident that killed her son.

The other thing she fails to realize is that some of us still have living breathing loved-ones in harms way and her quite public actions give our enemies hope that they can wait us out until we divide ourselves and lose our resolve. It appears to be working and it will only cause needless casualties in the long run.

I would prefer she protest in less visible ways to our enemies.

The war will be won or lost on the front pages of newpapers and tv news broadcasts.

thanks again.... going to bop over to your site and take a look around.