Friday, August 07, 2015

Sanitized Sounbites and Bumper-Sticker Rhetoric

"Sanitized Soundbites and Bumper-Sticker Rhetoric" .... and we are indeed sick of it.

   This is the REAL DEAL. This is how leaders act. She's not a stepford candidate. She's not an establishment Republican but can meet them with equal force. She doesn't play the media game. Even spittle prone Matthews had time to swallow his saliva. He baited her and she didn't bite. Instead she bit him.

  Like it or not she also has the female edge and steals Hillary's thunder. The Republicans need to take a long look at the advantages of the first woman elected President being a Republican.  But that's only a fringe benefit far behind her professional class demeanor.

   I would love to see Fiorina debate Trump. That could spell his demise because she could match him, maybe surpass him, as coming across as level-headed. Eventually Trump would let his brashness get him in trouble.

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