Monday, August 24, 2015

Rand Paul: 'Trump mania' shows country swooning for celebrity over substance

Rand Paul: 'Trump mania' shows country swooning for celebrity over substance

   I basically agree with his assessment, especially about this populist impulse for the shiny objects over substance. I personally think Fiorina and Cruz are the most substantive candidates but the populist impulse is not pulsing in their favor with Trump around.

  Paul discusses the anger but I have a different list of things people are angry about.  Of course they're angry about the cookie-cutter culprits of government malfeasance and growing extra-constitutional behavior. I'm not invalidating those points Paul makes by any means. I'm a little disgusted with it also.

   But where Trump, to a great extent and Fiorina and Cruz to a lesser extent, are finding their wind is going toe-to-toe with the propagators of the narrative - these carnies and barkers of  the media's gauntlet of political correct potions. Familiar territory to those holding public office who are easily herded down that path. Trump, Fiorina and Cruz are not willing to be herded. I believe people are getting fed up with the 'Idolization' of American politics. They are fed up with political correctness and the Left deciding what the offensive word of the day is.  I do believe that the key to stealing the Left's thunder is calling the media out. Force them to define their terms.  A key to winning this election is neutralizing this praetorian guard media of the Left.

  I really don't prefer another narcissistic oligarch but with Trump in the race we are at least talking about those things the Left finds inconvenient.  I certainly would find it quite entertaining watching the epitome of capitalism debating the socialists Sanders or Warren.

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